Is academic writing legal in the US. UU.?

Experts said that no federal law in the United States, nor in Kenya, prohibits the buying or selling of academic work, although questions remain as to whether the industry complies with tax laws. The act of writing is not illegal. The use of this writing and imposing it on others as an original when it is not is dishonest. In academia, if someone does not contribute enough to the idea itself to be a co-author, there is no doubt about the legitimacy of the qualification given to the work.

While these examples are not legal documents stating that these activities were illegal, they are clearly established policies. But, generally speaking, are you looking for a way to consider selling the newspapers illegal? I can see that buying (and using) essays is considered fraud, as well as being against policies of academic honesty, but I'm not sure if I can see the sale as a crime. Selling a brief is not illegal and cannot be held responsible for what buyers do with the product after the sale. We had a discussion on this topic on the meta site recently, after someone asked him how to lower his writing standards to make him look more like a younger writer.

This document was intended to be a social contract with students to declare that they understood these academic policies, while clearly stating that the school has a zero-tolerance policy against such activities. Anyone who uses a ghostwriter to create their writing assignments is in clear violation of these policies. Academic ghostwriting is legal, but not ethical or in accordance with the standards or practices of most schools.