How is academic writing different from a letter?

It uses formal language and colloquialism and no jargon is used, casual language should only be used for emphasis.

Academic writing

should use formal language that minimizes the use of contractions and colloquialisms and avoids jargon terminology whenever possible. Casual language should only be used for emphasis. Writing is an action that we all participate in our daily lives.

There are different writing styles, such as literary writing, technical writing, creative writing, academic writing, etc.

Academic writing is

the writing style we use in academic disciplines, which requires a special set of skills. The main difference between academic writing and general writing is that academic writing is very formal, objective and concise compared to other writing styles. In short, when you write an academic article, you write to be evaluated by your audience, and when you write a business letter, you write to cooperate.

All forms of academic writing will employ a structure that allows the information presented to flow logically from one section to the next, regardless of the segments or format details used according to different writing styles. General writing can be informal, formal or semi-formal, but it would be simpler and easier to understand than academic writing. In addition, academic writing does not generally use first-person pronouns like me or us, but different writing styles do offer varying degrees of flexibility when it comes to language use, with a wide range of informal elements sanctioned between different writing styles. For example, when the audience is the target audience of an academic paper, it's probably a good idea to use simple language to explain any difficult terms used in the document.

Although general writing also requires correct spelling and grammar, it is not as strict as academic writing. In academic writing, the writer is expected to support his argument by citing evidence from other sources. Academic writing pro specializes in all types of academic work, whether they are reports, essays, dissertations or theses. First, the purpose of academic writing is to demonstrate specific knowledge in an organized and coherent way.

You might even consider replacing academic jargon with another phrase that is more easily understood by the masses. Often students think that if they manage to learn how to write academic essays, they will end up with writing skills forever. It is especially crucial in academic writing to eliminate all personal prejudices, both explicit and implicit.