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Writing mistakes

Sometimes the common mistakes may be ignored in essay writing on behalf of the essay writer but such mistakes can be easily noticed by a skilled examiner. The best way to get rid of the common errors is proofreading of the essay after its completion. Misspelled words is the most common and usual mistake in Essay Writing. Mostly handwritten assignments contain misspelled errors but those essays which are composed by using software such as MS Word may have these mistakes which are commonly underlined by the program.

Editorial mistakes are the second most common mistakes experienced in essay writing. In such mistakes, possessive words for an animal may be used in place of conjunction short form for example wrong use of “it’s” and “its”. As MS Word program cannot recognize misuse of similar sounding words thus essay writers may also make mistakes when using similar sounding words which are only detected by the examiner.

Sometimes active voice may be confused with passive voice by some writers which is another main error which fall in the category of common mistakes. Passive voice is used very less in essays as the essays should be free of any confusion and it must be informative. Most of the essay writers make mistakes in using the verb “to be” because this verb is not well built in English vocabulary.

Another most typical and major common error is the use of punctuation marks. Sometimes the writers used so many punctuation marks that it may appear to examiner as if the writer is trying to show himself as an expert of the English language which may offend the examiner. But on the other side if the writers use the punctuation marks cautiously, the examiner may think that the writer has no commands of the English language. Thus the writers should keep balance in use of punctuation marks but still it also depends on the height of tolerance of the examiner.

Commonly, it is tried to express one idea in one paragraph but sometimes the writers mess up more than one idea in the same paragraph as a result there may be lengthy and tedious paragraphs. Thus improper use of paragraph breaks also feature highly in the category of common errors. Such paragraphs are chocked full of many different ideas but if there is proper use of paragraph breaks the same essay may become the ideal one.

Sometimes the examiners set the page limit and often the writers are not successful to meet the required limit. Thus failing to meet the page limit is another common mistake. Such mistakes may be the result of excess of ideas in writer’s mind that he exceed the page limit or it may be due to the attempt to restraint which resulted in the one page less than the required. In such cases the last paragraph is often very lengthy in order to expand it to other page but you cannot escape from the examiner inspection of such types of common errors.




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