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'Informative Essay'

"The aim of the 'Informative Essay' is to acquaint the reader with some information without giving your personal comments on it."

"Students produce written products that disseminate information. Informative writing could take the form of a set of instructions, a research paper, I-search essays, journals, manuals, or news reports. This mode of writing requires students to complete detailed research, to exclude irrelevant information, and to organize information logically."

  • To begin the informative writing assignment, students need a topic, requirements for the paper form, and research time online or in a library.
  • A list of topics or ideas for writing may be found in the extension section of this strategy.
  • Once students have been given the assignment, their writing should follow a logical process:
    • Prewriting - Students brainstorm ideas, complete graphic organizers, gather research before they begin the actual task of writing. For informative writing, this step in the writing process is a good place to teach organization. Students may employ note cards or outlines during this phase of writing.
    • Drafting - Students should sit in a quiet location and write.
    • Editing - During the editing process, students will revise their writing and may even get assistance from a peer or a teacher.
    • Publishing - Writing is meant to be shared, so in the final stage students produce a polished copy of their work and share it with others.

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