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Classification Essay


How to write Classification Essay

Arguments should be sought into different categories by the author of a classification essay. This sort of essay deals with the Classification of essay in order to unify the logical disputes in various categories. It is important that the categories totally bear resemblance to the substance of the topic of the essay.

Writing a classification essay

Three instructions should be kept in mind while writing a professional classification essay. First of all each category should be seconded with respective examples. The categories should be made in such a way that they completely expose the theme of the essay thus be helpful in classifying. In spite of the separation of categories each of the categories must follow a specific and logical pattern in principle.   

Classification essay structure

Around the construction of the categories, the structure of the classification essay is constructed.


Determination of the strength of the thesis statement hangs on how firmly it discloses the topic and its respective classification. Thus thesis statement is considered to be the most basic part of the introduction. Substantiate the specific categories that are chosen for the classification.

Statement of a thesis has a very unwavering and logical structure: the chosen categories are classified (In order to smudge the classification the number of categories is restricted to three)

Education, Experience and culture exchange are the three benefits that Exchange students come across, for instance.


  • Category One (less important category).
  • Category Two
  • Category Three (Trequires clearer examples, the most important one).

The categories that are made are organized on the foundation and formation of different argument groups.  Each category should shadow the same organizing principle in a good classification essay.


Summary of the examined categories and the endorsement of the statement of the thesis are included in the summary.


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